Our Mission

Hear Co-founder/CEO Heather Edwards share about the passion
that drives her and AhHa!Broadway’s mission!

Learn, perform, and believe — three words which capture the spirit and purpose of AhHa!Broadway, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which fosters the arts and enhances education through musical theatre in New York City and the surrounding areas. 

AhHa!Broadway is a women-led organization committed to providing opportunity equally, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender or economic background. We teach and reinforce the fundamentals of America’s oldest original art form, the Broadway musical, in order to engage children of the next generation in understanding and appreciating all of its aspects — from creation to performing. Learning art goes beyond creating more successful students: it helps develop more successful human beings. Imagination opens the door to possibilities, where creativity, ingenuity, and thinking outside the box all begin. Creative play and theatre games employ critical thinking while play-acting, improvising, and collaborating can further child development. 

AhHa!Broadway inspires the core values of arts and education to children from every diverse background through our musical theater programming and specialty tailored workshops. Children experience inclusive teamwork, culminating in a shared experience of performances which commonly include song and choreography tailored to that group’s abilities. AhHa!Broadway has fully embraced virtual learning, and our teaching artists have the related experience and technical competence to make our programming accessible to your child from home.

AhHa!Broadway’s programming stimulates creativity and collaboration, utilizing skilled teaching artists who encourage children to try out new things and ideas. These play a crucial role in intellectual, physical and emotional growth. Imagination  fosters cognitive and social  development. These memorable experiences inspire children in the value of the arts and the confidence that they can push past their fears — and shine.

AhHa!Broadway was co-founded by Heather Edwards and Abigail Jones.

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