Available School Residencies

All residencies available as in-school or after-school programs. Most residences are also available via virtual learning (please ask about availability).

Bite-Size Musicals

Bite-Size Musicals are the perfect introduction of musical theatre to students. (click to expand for more details)

From the basics of putting on a musical to the “tips and tricks” of the pros, your students will experience what it takes to prepare dance and musical numbers and learn their lines to tell the story. Our Teaching Artist and Musical Director will direct the students and help them build their musical from the ground up. The 30-minute time-frame keeps the musical manageable without being overwhelming. The preparation process offers the opportunity to learn collaboration, teamwork, self confidence, physical coordination, public speaking and targeted social skills, while building self-esteem. Each student will be showcased at the performance for their peers and family!

Dance Workshop

The power of dance will get your students moving to the beat and learning dance terminology and proper form. (click to expand for more details)

They will be introduced to different styles of dance and music, all while collaborating on an original piece to be performed at the end of the program in front of their peers and family! Your students will learn original choreography taught by a professional dance instructor, and will also learn what it takes to pursue dance as a career in a fun-filled experience that simultaneously builds pattens of discipline. 

(English as a Second Language? Ask us about our native-language dance workshops AhHa! Po Russki and AhHa! En Español)

Literacy to Life

Choose your favorite storybook and let us write a musical around it! (click to expand for more details)

Students will love seeing the characters come to life during this program through song, dance and character-building improvisation. Our Teaching Artist can work with you and your classroom teachers to develop a script that enables the students to collaborate, improve communication and social skills along with building their self esteem. In addition, this program will help support the Emotional Literacy component of your school’s curriculum, and can also integrate other initiatives. Students will have the opportunity to perform their musical at the end of the program for their peers and family.

Passport to Adventure

Are your students in touch with their lineage? With this program, they can explore how their family arrived in America and why cultural history matters. (click to expand for more details)

Students will involve their family and/or community members in an assignment discovering and recording their own generational immigration story and sharing it with the class. Our Teaching Artist will help integrate pieces of these stories into a script along with song and dance creating a rich, fact-filled and historical experience. Students will perform an original show based on their own personal history. Most likely, this will be an experience each student and family will always remember.

Tales & Mythology

Imagine that your students can travel through time and visit other parts of the world from the convenience of your classroom! (click to expand for more details)

Through the exploration of folktales and mythology, students will be inspired through the stories and the legends from around the world. The AhHa!Broadway Teaching Artist can share these tales and guide the students to bring them to life through ancient stories, music, dance and character work. Students will also have the opportunity to create their own folktales, myths and legends inspired by their own ancestry. 

To Be or Not To Be….

Shakespeare can absolutely be accessible and fun for children even as early as Middle School. (click to expand for more details)

Students will enjoy an immersive educational experience, learning how to understand the language and storytelling style of the Bard’s notable works, while utilizing modern methods to help them through the use of phonics, etymology and iambic pentameter (including Rap!). Story structure and characters will also be explored so that students will have a better understanding of the works of Shakespeare, while expanding their general familiarity of dramatic fundamentals.

Commencement Celebration

Make graduation an event to remember with that extra zing by adding music and dance to the celebration—all while giving students an additional learning opportunity! (click to expand for more details)

Our Teaching Artist and/or Musical Director will work with students to present a theatrical presentation on their special day— memorable for both them and their loved ones. We also offer you and your Teachers the opportunity to incorporate themes or inspirational messaging into the event.

Broadway Babies

Pre-K is the perfect time to introduce song and dance to a little one’s curriculum! (click to expand for more details)

Through music and simple choreography, students can grow their learning comprehension, eye-hand coordination and language skills – all while having fun! Our Teaching Artist will also work in tandem with Classroom Teachers to build a presentation for Winter, Spring or Graduation performances.

Dance Around The World

Enjoy learning about cultures around the world by celebrating them through music and dance indigenous to each country. (click to expand for more details)

A great foundation for appreciating the diverse cultures all around us. A favorite example is presenting a fairy tale in various versions from countries around the world. Each class will take on a version of the same story as told in each country. The students may never realize they are learning along the way, and audience will truly enjoy seeing each class present the tale told ‘their way’!

Pricing for residencies: $125 per class, per session

All Curriculum meets with the DOE Blueprint Standards for Learning.

Other Available Programs:

1-day Workshops

We offer a full day of Theater intensives for those days when school is out of session

Students will learn vocals and choreography to a show-stopping number from a popular Broadway musical or movie.  They will walk away with a polished piece they can perform at home as well as participate in fun theater activities that encourage self-confidence, teamwork, and communication.  You don’t want to miss this jam-packed day of musical theater fun! 

Times: 10AM-4PM       Price: $125 per student (35 children maximum)

Direct and/or Musical-Direct Your School’s Musical – please request pricing

After-School Theater Residency – $250 per hour (35 children maximum)

Group Piano Class – $200 per hour (10 children maximum per session)

For registration policies and additional information on events visit: www.ahhabroadway.org/events or contact us at heather@ahhabroadway.org

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