1000 KIDS

We’ve accepted a critical mission: make Arts Education real for 1,000+ underserved kids nationwide to keep the creative connection alive.

AhHa!Broadway was created to bring Arts Education programming through musical theatre and specially developed workshops to children throughout New York City who aren’t provided the services they deserve. The pandemic isn’t the only challenge to this programming — every year more of the Arts are cut from our schools. 

It is imperative that children have these creative outlets and collaborative development.
Arts are not a luxury. From the time children develop motor skills, they rely on the arts to learn how to communicate. Arts are a great collaborative experience and teach us to critically think, empathize, and understand the human condition.

AhHa!Broadway is taking on the mission to help bring these vital services back to schools. With every dollar we raise we will directly serve the kids of NYC, and beyond. We are able to reach even more students remotely through our innovative virtual teaching.

We need your help to meaningfully serve 1,000 kids with access to programming and technology, starting with this $10,000 goal. by giving anything you can. Please donate what you can today.

AhHa!Broadway is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.